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 Welcome to evidence-based solutions for stress and successful adaptation to change.

Regarding stress, Dr. Hans Selye’s name is globally synonymous with creative understanding, rigorous science, and solutions … evidence-based solutions which restore balance, satisfaction and productive wellbeing … for individuals and for workplaces.

Since its founding in 1976, the Hans Selye Foundation has continued to lead in integrating academic and practitioners’ “big picture” understandings of the stressful challenges of “Man Adapting” in a “Future Shock” world.

And, for the past 35 years, applied research at Dr. Selye’s Canadian Institute of Stress has translated resulting Foundation insights into evidence-based tools and know-how evaluated and refined in clinics and corporations internationally.

Web-based training and certification of practitioners globally has, since 2003, accelerated scientific winnowing and confirmation of solutions warranted to bear the Selye name.

We trust you will find the value you are seeking on our website. We look forward to assisting your success.

Contact us:   info@stresscanada.org

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