The MCSS e-learning Program

The MCSS  E-Learning package … Cutting edge, engaging multi-media

  • Your host, Dr. Richard Earle, Ph.D. guides participants through each step in their Making Change Successful, not Stressful learning progress; highlighting key points on-screen; and then developing personalized skills and action steps.
  • MCSS features brief video clips of animated cartooned characters … employees at futuristic Megalith Corporation … who are dealing with the challenges of mega-change at work. These future-tense trigger videos pinpoint the challenges, choices and the action steps essential for creating win-win success in today’s workplace. To preview how a sample video clip integrates animation, skills focus and the participant’s workbook,  click here.

Richard Earle, Ph.D., is an internationally respected and published authority on stress and controlling its impacts on well-being and performance both in individuals and in rapidly changing workplaces. With Dr. Hans Selye, the “father of the stress field”, Dr. Earle and eight Nobel Laureates founded the Canadian Institute of Stress in 1979.

His consulting and training clients include leading North American and Japanese corporations in such fields as financial and insurance services, mass media, retail, health care, natural resources, manufacturing, airlines, high tech and IT, plus various government departments and professional services firms. He has led national multi-media campaigns concerning depression, anxiety and family wellbeing. In the Institute’s web-based certification programs, he also trains workplace consultants and health professionals globally in “vital corporation” skills.

Richard draws on his wide experience to focus your attention on the practical insights plus the action steps you can now take to create less stress + more satisfaction + more enjoyable relationships as you master change at work.


We call the MCSS participant’s workbook a “Log Book” for two reasons. First, becoming a master-of-change is a journey. So, participants are guided in keeping track of how their learning is adding up … module to module. And, second, the Log Book lays out a step-by-step roadmap of decisions & actions each person can rely on to reach the success they’re looking for. This building-block format ensures participants’ progress fully adds up into a personally motivating, practical MCSS Action Plan tailored to their work situation.

The Institute has created the MCSS E-Learning package with Vubiz, an international leader in e-learning for business skills as well as health & safety resources. The MCSS platform and learning management system readily support both employee involvement as well as ease in managing corporate training.

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