Sample Video Segment from “Making Change Successful, not Stressful” (MCSS)

MCSS’ 10 video segments engage the learner in mastering the personalized insights and skills most needed today to ensure healthy resilient success, not stress in workplace change. As you Play this 4½ -minute sample clip on “win-win work relations”, you will see …

  • How MCSS integrates (✓) live, on-screen expert advice with (✓) animated trigger situations featuring the stress-challenged workers at Megalith Corporation … motivating the learner’s completion of (✓) workbook exercises for application in their own work situation; and
  • You will also see how each video segment energizes the MCSS building-block learning design, in which each new skill builds upon and extends previously mastered MCSS skills … ensuring the healthy, solid base required for Success, not Stress.

Video clips energize the MCSS building-block learning design

VIDEO UPDATE … including all-language subtitle feature … Click HERE

MCSS’ agenda of Learning Objectives is summarized for you here.

Each MCSS skill, while learned for application in daily work life, is directly transferrable to handling personal life challenges more successfully too.

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